Essentially open source software (except for my old simul2000, written in Visual Basic and running only under Windows)

  • R Package etasFLP on CRAN A package I used in some of my papers on space time modeling for earthquake description with ETAS model.
  • R Package MLANP on GitHub A package I use in my lessons on linear models and nonparametric statistics, with 3d graphs and some sample data sets. Help pages in English. Not computationally optimized (so, don’t blame me if you find in the code for cycles; I shouldn’t do, but I did… ). Here the last version of MLANP; some tips to install MLANP on MAC are in the file MLANP_on_MAC.txt.
  • The above GitHub repository for MLANP may not be updated. Ask me to check.
  • simul2000 interactive software (in italian): a win32 application to present few topics trough simulation (first version 1995, last version 2003). a brief (italian!) guide to Simul2000: It was written in Visual Basic for Windows (it is a windows 32 bit application). I checked: it can still run with few limitation under linux and MAC, but I will not update it.